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BharatRohan Airborne Innovations Private Limited

As an Agritech company, we are committed to revolutionizing the agricultural sector by leveraging our advanced drone crop monitoring solutions. These solutions assist farmers in optimizing their farming practices and increasing productivity.

Through our Inclusive Business approach, we aim to develop models that directly benefit small farmers, ensuring they have robust market linkages and a platform to thrive for a better market prices and profitability, This increased profitability directly translates to improved access to essential services like healthcare and education, ensuring a holistic development and upliftment of farming communities.

Mr. Amandeep Panwar
CEO & Executive director
BharatRohan Airborne Innovations Private Limited , India

My Pledge

1. Policy advisory support:

BharatRohan is committed to provide policy advise to ASEAN member States regarding the development and adoption of policies and strategies to promote IB, as well as the design policy instruments, in particular national IB accreditation systems and IB coaching services.

2. Inclusive and sustainable business development:

BharatRohan will support firms do an IB self-assessment/ seeking to be accredited in inclusive business in India

3. Access to finance:

BharatRohan is committed to sharing best practices and knowledge on innovative technology to minimize crop losses.

4. ASEAN Inclusive Business Knowledge hub/centre:

BharatRohan will share resources that is relevant to inclusive business initiatives for measuring impact in the agriculture ecosystem

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