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Pledges Made

Sixth ASEAN Inclusive Business Summit

As an Agritech company, we are committed to revolutionizing the agricultural sector by leveraging our advanced drone crop monitoring solutions. These solutions assist farmers in optimizing their farming practices and increasing productivity.

Through our Inclusive Business approach, we aim to develop models that directly benefit small farmers, ensuring they have robust market linkages and a platform to thrive for a better market prices and profitability, This increased profitability directly translates to improved access to essential services like healthcare and education, ensuring a holistic development and upliftment of farming communities.


Mr. Amandeep Panwar

CEO & Executive director

BharatRohan Airborne Innovations Private Limited , India

Inclusive Business is the framework to connect and empower communities to create sustainable and profitable industries that are ethical, transparent, and impactful.

Inclusive Business truly transforms communities, working together for collective benefit.

I am truly committed to supporting and developing Inclusive Business approaches to uplift communities and achieve the financial and social outcomes they aspire to.


Mr. Mark Matthews


Engage Asia Pacific, Australia

Agriculture and Food sector has been going through some major transformation as demand for safe and healthy food is in rise. This would offer private sector companies to adopt sustainable business practices. Ecociate sees this as an opportunity to work with such companies to make their supply chains more inclusive and impactful.


Mr. Kirti Mishra

Co-founder and Director

Ecociate, India

To support +1 million marginal communities in food chain on sustainable livelihood with climate friendly farm & supply chain practices.


Mr. Sarang Vaidya


Go4fresh, India

Inclusive Businesses should be now "Business as Usual" to achieve SDGs.


Ms. Srivalli Krishnan

Senior Program Officer

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, India

"Goat Value Chain Development" is our Inclusive Business model that technically supports and finances to goat farmers . We try to approach 10,000 goat farmers who live in Base of the Pyramid in DakLak provice, Vietnam.


Mr. Peter Nguyen


DakLak Goat Cooperative, Vietnam

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