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Engage Asia Pacific

Inclusive Business is the framework to connect and empower communities to create sustainable and profitable industries that are ethical, transparent, and impactful.

Inclusive Business truly transforms communities, working together for collective benefit.

I am truly committed to supporting and developing Inclusive Business approaches to uplift communities and achieve the financial and social outcomes they aspire to.

Mr. Mark Matthews
Engage Asia Pacific, Australia

My Pledge

1. Policy advisory support:

Engage Asia Pacific is committed to supporting and shaping policies and strategies to expand and implement Inclusive Business throughout ASEAN.

2. Inclusive and sustainable business development:

Engage Asia Pacific will support all facets of Inclusive Business from design to implementation and sustain; supporting communities and partners in creating and achieving sustainable and impactful programs at scale.

3. Access to finance:

Engage Asia Pacific supports the design of programs and activities to reduce risk and enable financial readiness.

4. ASEAN Inclusive Business Knowledge hub/centre:

Engage Asia Pacific is committed to supporting the training and development of practitioners, communities and mentors in all facets of Inclusive Business.

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