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To support +1 million marginal communities in food chain on sustainable livelihood with climate friendly farm & supply chain practices.

Mr. Sarang Vaidya
Go4fresh, India

My Pledge

1. Policy advisory support:

eadership team at Go4fresh has been actively working with food & agri supply chain actors since 25+ years in India through different roles/capacities and attempted to resolve key pain points. We had been fairly successful to develop practical solutions and templates based on sustainable practices, inclusiveness and climate resilience by leveraging technology. These templates got validated from multiple user groups and test scenarios on proof of concept with proof of execution. Our learnings are not only very helpful directly for smallholder farmers and small/micro enterprises who are target beneficiaries but also for development agencies, social impact funds, policy makers, state governments, implementing/advisory agencies on effective design, development & deployment of policy documents, operational standards, long term strategies and investments.

2. Inclusive and sustainable business development:

Food supply chains across developing nations are majorly constituted by marginal communities (smallholder farmers, farm & market side labour, logistics operators and small & micro enterprises) who are resource constrained and vulnerable to local & global shocks which could be economic, climate, social, political and market driven. Go4fresh emphasis is on developing affordable technology led solutions that can be easily replicated and customised to suit micro level need gaps that are crop/commodity, demography and geography specific. Go4fresh adopts demand driven approach to design solutions and works across the value chain actors to understand individual & local level challenges. The focus is to digitise and seamlessly integrate the workflows thereby offering best possible visibility of demand, supply, risks and oppourtunities. Technology plays vital role to solve 3 key issues i.e. lack of access to market, information and finance. Go4fresh has worked closely at the farm level, across the supply chain and with all buyer segments which has helped in developing omni channel approach to derive best value for producers & other actors towards sustained livelihood and food loss reduction. Go4fresh has worked extensively on capacity building for these marginalised communities especially with focus on up-skilling women, rural youth and labour on use of right practices through offering right tools and generate/cater localised employment. Team Go4fresh is happy to share its learnings and refined solutions in a collaborative approach with UN ESCAP community across global south especially in Indian subcontinent and ASEAN members which pose similar set of challenges & problems that need attention and can be transformed with right mix of inclusive business principles. Go4fresh is already engaged with UN ESCAP to get coached and will amplify the impact through extending training-the-trainers methodology to train other entrepreneurs & farmer collectives.

3. Access to finance:

Go4fresh is a socio commercial venture that believes in power of technology led inclusive business solutions that can transform food agri supply chains in global south. The successful use cases in food value chain generally needs very high level of commitment for longer time and sustained financial support to see breakthrough that also lasts long. Go4fresh as a tech services & solution provider is ready to team with multiple investors, social impact funds and development agencies to not only develop physical, digital, innovative & creative solutions but also be engaged in its ground level deployment, implementation and regular assessment.

4. ASEAN Inclusive Business Knowledge hub/centre:

Go4fresh has worked in past on multiple projects and government mandates in a collaborative way with successful implementation. Go4fresh would be excited to help towards building ASEAN Inclusive Business Knowledge Hub via multiple engagement modes to generate awareness, share best practices, build community base by adding right members & experts who can accelerate collective learning and led to thriving, vibrant ecosystem and which also need limelight to make it aspirational and most-sought-after rather industry to work.

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